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New 3DS Systems Will Have Customizable Faceplates

Finally, your 3DS will be able to change it’s look with the seasons.

The New 3DS models will give you the option to change the faceplates sporting different patterns and classic characters from your favorite Nintendo titles.

Now you won’t have to drop the dime any time a fancy new limited edition 3DS comes around. Nintendo will be offering these at 10,000-30,000 yen a piece when the new models drop later this year in Japan. Ogle every faceplate for yourself here. [❤]

3DS SALE: AC: New Leaf $25, Mario 3DS $25
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JK I totally have internet here. Wasn’t expecting that at all. 

Anonymous asked: "This isn't a grammar question or anything, but could you do a master post on Spanish Internet slang? I feel like I'm trying to decipher Chinese when I read through some of my friends' spanish fb statuses haha it would be cool to have some sort of key to figure out all the random letters (like ñ?? Wtf does that stand for?)"


Here are some Spanish text slang that might make it bit easier for you to understand your friends’ slang on Facebook, texting, or wherever it may be. I’m sure there might be some differences in some places for the slang. Hope this list helps

  • x - por
  • k - qué/que
  • q - qué/que
  • xq - por qué/porque
  • xk - por qué/porque
  • xfa- por favor
  • pf - por favor
  • bn/b - bien
  • 100pre- siempre
  • xo - pero
  • cdo - cuando
  • bb - bebé
  • pa - para
  • pa’l… - para el…
  • d - de
  • l - el
  • tk - te quiero
  • tkm - te quiero mucho
  • t - te
  • c -  sé/se
  • toy/stoy - estoy
  • tá/stá - está
  • tás/stás - estás
  • tb - tambien
  • dps - después
  • ktl/qtl - qué tal
  • cm -como
  • km - como
  • msj - mensaje
  • ad+ - además
  • asias - gracias
  • n - en
  • mña - mañana
  • a2 - adiós

Verbs/words that start with “h”, can drop the “h” for quicker writing like “hacer” and “haber”. Verbs with “e” can drop the “e” for quicker writing like in “estar” and “esperar”. Whenever a word contains a “qu”, it can be changed to a “k” like “te kiero” (Te quiero).

Hope this has helped a bit. Anyone else have anything they could contribute?

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I actually lost a follower for that  hahahah.

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Track Title: Solid Snake

Artist: Psycosis

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Anonymous asked: "Hey you were asking if people post pokemon blogs, and the favorite pokemon blogs I follow are pika-churros and another-pokemon-kid. They are super nice and funny. And I really also like pokemon-global-academy! :)"

I actually follow pokemon-global-academy..! and i’ll take a look at the other two. thanks..!!

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So 28 August is Naruko’s birthday? I made a quick doodle which I think I’ll finish once I’m done moving out of my dorm. 
Also his hair is hard for me to draw;;;
I don’t think I’ll get a chance to work on this again until Friday or Saturday;;


So 28 August is Naruko’s birthday? I made a quick doodle which I think I’ll finish once I’m done moving out of my dorm. 

Also his hair is hard for me to draw;;;

I don’t think I’ll get a chance to work on this again until Friday or Saturday;;

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Haikyuu!! shoes ¥8800 x UBIQ

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Let’s Players to watch while ignoring Jontron and PewDiePie



ManlyBadassHero - Plays mostly horror games and rpgmaker games, funny, but fairly quiet, so you can pay attention to the games hes playing

Nonbinary Robot - Trigger friendly lesser-known lets player who likes off fangames and indie pixel games.

Markiplier - Oh good ol markiplier. A horror gamer who uses a webcam. Plays his reactions up quite a bit, but still manages to be funny.

ZoeyProasheck - Cheerful queer lets player who makes fairly happy videos by herself, with friends, and even sometimes with her girlfriend!

Nilesyrocks - I havent seen his videos in awhile, but he makes minecraft and tf2 videos mostly from what i can see. Likes cats.

Cr1TikaL - Never seen his videos but I’ve only heard positive things about him. (Also apparently donates all of the money he makes from youtube, which is pretty cool)

TheRadBrad - Never seen them myself, suggested by a friend.

UberHaxorNova - Suggested by a friend

Achievement Hunter - A roosterteeth side channel. Quite funny, and consists of several people.

YogscastKim - One of the female members of the popular group The Yogscast. (nilesy and zoey are also a part of this) Funny with a very pretty voice.

SlyFoxHound - Havent watched his videos in about a million years, but i remember them being quite funny.

HatFilms - Associated with the yogscast. I havent seen much of them but they’re quite popular.

Feel free to add more!

Jesse Cox - He’s been around for a while and has played many games. Co-host of the Co-Optional Podcast with TB and Dodger. He does playthroughs and highlights indie games on his show The Greenlight.

PressHeartToContinue - Dodger’s main channel has a variety of content from weekly gaming news to craft videos to playthroughs. She also has a daily vlog channel.

Cryaotic - If nothing else he has a very smooth, soothing voice. He is currently putting out playthrough videos of Okami and Resident Evil 6 with Jesse Cox.

TotalBiscuit - AKA the Cynical Brit, TB is known for his “WTF Is…” first impressions series and gaming coverage. Don’t call him a reviewer. He hates that. TB is the main host of the Polaris Co-Optional Podcast.

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Please listen to this cover of the Tokyo Ghoul opening

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Track Title: Alone Again Or

Artist: Love

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Because I felt the need to post something funny


Because I felt the need to post something funny

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my dashboard is pretty much dead… so please reblog if you post

  • Hunter X Hunter
  • Tokyo ghoul
  • Zankyou no terror
  • Ao haru ride
  • Free! Eternal Summer
  • Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki kun
  • Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus
  • Noragami
  • Kagerou project
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